Eine junge Surferin gerät in die Strömung, aber zwei tapfere Labradore kommen zur Rettung

In the middle of the day, an accident almost happened on an Italian beach. A 15-year-old girl got caught in a strong current.

Each wave pulled her further and further away from the shore. She was close to exhaustion while people on the beach were filming the scene. Professional lifeguards were on their way to the young surfer.

Truant professionals. Source: goodhouse.com

Cani and Luna are a pair of Labradors, black and golden. They are specially trained at the rescue center and know exactly what to do.

Luna was the first to go into the water. She was accompanied by a human rescuer. Together they helped the girl overcome the waves and swim to the buoy.

Now the girl does not have to fight the current, she does not have to use her strength – she floats safely on the water.

After the girl rested, the rescue team began the arduous journey back. A powerful cani joined them. The huge black Labrador put his neck around the surfer girl’s neck.

He literally pulled her to shore – with the support of the rest of the team. The miraculous rescue succeeded! The young surfer was brought ashore safe and sound.

Experienced team of trainers. Source: goodhouse.com

Cani and Luna rescued a drowning woman – and not for the first time. Their work is almost more important than that of the lifeguards on the beach. They are alert and the first to notice when something has gone wrong at sea.

They are strong and many of them are even able to pull a boat with passengers. They are friendly and calm – just their presence makes a drowning person feel safer.

Favorite of vacationers. Source: goodhouse.com

„The Italian School of Rescue Dogs is the largest organization in the world dedicated to the training of sea rescue dogs and their trainers,“ SICS writes on its website.

„In the 25 years of its activity, the SICS dog units have saved the lives of hundreds of people, making the association respected and appreciated by all organizations involved in water safety,“ it says.

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